Desire To Be Skinny And Beutiful

My names samantha and I am 15yearsold 164lbs ive hated my body since I was a little girl, I stopped going out I stopped being social because I wasnt comfortable in my own skin , I didnt feel beautiful enough , I have a boyfriend ive been with for 3 years now and I just want to be perfect for him , I feel like he will love me MORE if im skinny .. Like he van pick me up and just idk ... I feel like im crazy but I need to be skinny I need to starve myself , so I set this app on my phone that sends me motivational reminders and sends me reminders for when I should drink water and excersice and shows me pictures of skinny girls .. And when I get food cravings they have a countdown clock for 15mins .. Cause cravings only last 15mins .. I think I can do this .i KNOW I can . I just want to be happy and accepted and doing this will finally give me the life I wany .. **** everybody who says "it wont work , youll gain it all back , you juat loose muscle" like NO thats what you hear from "experts" but nobody listens to the real people who acually do this . I just want a normal fun teenage life and If this is what I have to do then **** it , IDC what anybody has to say . And im not worried abt my fmily noticing , there always working so nobody makes dinner and they just dont notice . So im gonna give myself 5months to loose forty pounds . Before my bestfriends sweet 16 and before summer ! Goodluck to everyone who tries starving themselves but PLEASE be careful .. Dont go to the extreme you all are beautiful unfortuantly its peple lime us who cant see it . We want more . Goodluck!
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

hey, i'm doing the same thing! but what app did you download? i kind of would like the idea of having it, it would help alot!