I Need A Texting/email Buddy Help!

Hey beautiful x I don't care how many people say it but I am determined to starve myself I need to do this not just for myself but for my dream. I want to become a back up dancer so badly x do you see how stick thin they are? x I am not overweight but need to loose at least 5 to 10kgs I was hoping I could find a texting buddy or an email buddy to talk to so they can help me through my process last time I starved myself I lasted for four days x and to be honest I find it very difficult I need someone to help me to do this please someone out there help me xxx we can get through this together -Chloe xx
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I would love to help, just message me and I can give u my number for motivation! I've been starving for a week and lost 5 pounds! It becomes a habit. We can talk more if u message me. We can keep each other going and help one on other out when ever we need it

i just emailed you again xx

I emailed you back xxx sorry it took me a while to reply xxx please reply to my email I also sent you mu number x

okay xx

hey :) i just emailed you

Babe I didn't get an email xx please try again xx

im doin that too, but i do that cuz im broke as hell and cant afford food.

I'm always here babe xxx do you think you can help me through it? x

yeah i like challenges
plus i help someone, so yeah i'll help :)

sounds good babe <3 how old are you and where are you from? x my email is chloechristina3@hotmail.co.uk x

13-15 :)

I'm 15 xxx

i sent you an email
im 13

Babe I didn't get it I will try again x

okayy well messaging is okay i guess :)

R u open minded

who is you talking to?


then dont comment on mine lol. Make a new comment thread xD

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