I Hate Actually Saying This...

I hate actually saying this, because I'm not annorexic. I just have rules that lead me to starve myself a little bit. So maybe I don't belong in this group, but I also wanted help because I often have binging problems and then i feel DIGUSTING, and who better to help me stop that than people who starve themselves? I just want to eat the minimum and I would love advice on how the hell you can have the self-control to not eat fattening foods when people are offering them to you. Right now I have some general rules which are: 1. No drinking anything besides water 2. I want to chew my food 25 times before I swallow and 3. No eating after 7 p.m.. But I have so much trouble like sometimes I break my own rules and give in and I would just LOVE advice on how to stop doing that! If anyone could comment or inbox me any advice or tricks it would be so appreciated xx
xxcassandra1228xx xxcassandra1228xx 18-21, F Feb 9, 2013

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