It Feels Good

When I'm depressed, it feels good not to eat--I tend to binge and then feel guilty about it.  I'll go a day or two without eating.  The pain in my stomach, the dizziness, it actually feels good.  I guess this would be considered non-purging bulimia and extremely unhealthy both physically and emotionally.  I wish I could stop, but sometimes I can't keep myself from overeating...even with a feeling of fullness, I can't stop putting food in my mouth and I hate myself for it. I just want to get control back and when my stomach hurts because I don't eat, it makes me feel just a little better.
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I really didn't think other people felt this way. The choosing not to eat makes me feel "strong" in a way, like I am fighting a battle and winning. The pain is just somethin to endure. I'm not fat but I am not in shape, and when I see my stomach shrink and I look really thin it makes me feel so good.
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<p>if you want freedom from this mindset and from your addiction to starvation which will ultimately lead to death or health issues . the only answer is through jesus Christ who loves you very much and doesn't like to see you hurt yourself im sure there are bigger issues that go deeper than what meets the eye maybe you feel your not ever good enough well you are good enough and god made you very special out of his own image and loves every piece of you cry out to him he will not fail you john 3:16 for god so loved the world that he gave his only son so that who ever belives in him should not perish but have everlasting life 17 god did not send his son into this world to condemn the world but to save it through him he loves you sooooo much you just have to let him help u I was an addict addicted to meth and starvation and I found freedom from both through Jesus and now im happy and I feel the true un ending love from the father that only he can give by his grace I am alive for the first time I hope this helps</p>

I love the feeling of my stomach feeling empty and growling. I just feel so unstoppable, and in control of my self . I've been on and off of this fad scince I was 12. I'm now 23 and love it when I can go into a dressing room and everything fits so dang perfect! And the feeling of knowing I have the best looking body out of all of the girls who jus gave up on themselves is just amazing. I love my body

I'm currently on a water fast diet, and I can relate to the fact that when your stomach is empty and crying out and you havnt done what it wants you feel powerful. I love it!

i can relate too, i've had eating problems since i was 13 now being 16 im still trying to get over it. Empty is when i feel like best.

I can relate to that and when I've binged I punish Myself by not eating the next day but I never seem to get the feeling of fullness which makes it hard to stop. I love the feeling of being empty.