well where do i start?! i have been a constant yo yo dieter since school and my weight has been up and down, since i have known. all i want is to be skinny my current weight is 12stone 9lbs and i am sickend in myself that i have let it get to this! =-( i am really depressed about it and want and need help! i would like a buddy on here to help get me weight down and share tips and weight loss goals each week so if anyone is interested then plz do mail me..... i am determined this time to starve myself and get my body back!



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i can b your buddy if yuu want?? :)<br />
my email is<br />

i feel absolute disgusitng atm with my weight its driviing me mad and just want it off! i plan to detox this week aas strart a fresh tomorrow, i have an exercise regime planned out and going to reduce my intake of food, no faty foods at all just going eat fruit soup and plenty of water for the time beig and see where that takes me!? wish i had control am either really realy good or really reallly bad there isnt any balance for me...

I feel you. Im 120 pounds now and feel so fat. I dont like myself at all right now, I hate my haircut and my body. I used to starve myself many times but believe me, you can't just starve forever. Once you lose it, it'll come back. What I can suggest is that don't starve, but decrease amount of food intake day by day. you will lose weight gradually .. but be care ful when you lose weight, it might come back so easy..