Feral Cats Saved My Life....

A few years ago I was dying from a broken heart.
Those wild feral cats came inside my house...
{unusual for them}.
They are wild,altho I do feed them.

I sat in my rocking chair for several days,staring into the fire and thinking about which day I should plan to die...
those cats came in and got on my lap and purred on my body.Sometimes several at a time.
Wild ferals that had never allowed the human touch...
pressed themselves across my chest and purred for hours.
Then the next shift would come in and start their purring therapy.
I could feel my broken heart start to heal and the pain lessen..
They had never done this before and have not done it since.
They healed me and gave me back my desire for life.

It was the purr factor.
It was.

I was not planning suicide.
The women of my line have a history of picking the day they wish to check out of this world.
When they decide upon a day...
they just close their eyes...
and cross the bridge of light.
Mother picked her day when she was 56.
No pills,just intent.
This is an unusual gift with unusual possibilities.
If not for those cats,I would not be writing this today.

It was the purr factor.
It was.

Several other people have told me that they were healed by cats.

PeaceOnEarth PeaceOnEarth
46-50, F
3 Responses May 11, 2008

Dear Juan, This is one of the most moving stories I have ever read. It speaks volumes about the power of love. In your case, love came in the form of kittens. How blessed you are. I, also, am dying of a broken heart. Several weeks ago, I was scheduled for some major, tricky surgery. Weeks before, I started to prepare myself. Like your relatives, I thought the surgery would be my last day on earth. It wasn't. I didn't have kittens and I don't know what happened. I am in circumstances so hopeless, I really don't have much will to live. After reading your inspirational story, I'm on the lookout for kittens. Thank you

I hope you are doing well. Animals offer us the kindest, gentlest and most sincere Love.

All the best.

Thank you Juan...

The Universe works in mysterious ways, doesn't it? Certainly, angels come in many forms and we get exactly what we need when we need it.<br />
<br />
I'm glad you are still around to write this story.<br />
I am inspired reading it.