It's Not Easy Sometimes


It takes determination to stick to a regular workout schedule.  I admire people that can stick to their work out plan when life gets busy.

I need a kick in the butt sometimes too but I am always glad afterwards.

Dan32 Dan32
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3 Responses Feb 15, 2010

Variety is the spice of thing all the time tends to get stale, then one goes off it... also, finding exercise that fits in with other things is helpful, I biking around town while the girls are at a quick hard 20 min swim (intervals) at lunchtime... like a 30 min work out in my hotel room when i'm travelling for work... don't need any equipment or sneakers even, just use the previous day's underwear...anything is better than nothing, and worth of self praise :-)

Yes, a partner helps. I tend to stay steady for 6 to 8 weeks then when I miss more than two weeks I find I really got to have a talk with myself to get back on track. I seems to work.

hear hear! well you said it.. it's tricky... It is good to have a partner to exercise with! It helps a lot if you can motivate one another.