Starting Is Tough But Sticking With It Is Worth It

Around mid 2008, I was a little over 200 lbs, which placed me in the overweight range. Way before then (when I graduated hs), I was 130 lbs . So it was veeeery noticeable that I had put on some weight since then! Going back to 2008, I was no stranger to running, but I never ran regularly. I would run once a week for about a month and then drop it, only to do the same thing several months later. On top of that, I was binging on Taco Bell, McDonalds, cheesecake... 

So around May of 2008, I woke up one morning and decided to go to the park. I ran for only 5 min and I was soooo out-of-breath! But right afterwards, I walked for 3 miles, went home, and recorded my weight and run-time on my laptop. Afterwards, I began to do that regularly; every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, I would wake up around 6 in the morning to run, walk for 20-40 min after running, record my run-time, set a new goal on Friday, and record my weight on Saturday.

In the beginning, I became more focused on meeting the goals I have set for the current week rather than on losing weight. After the first week of running, I set my goal to running for 10 min. Then for the next week, my goal was for 15 min and then 20... and then two weeks later... 25 min... then two weeks after that 30 min. Every time I met my goal, I felt good!  By October, I began to see some real weight loss. I went from 200 to 180 lbs. At this point, I decided to do other exercises in addition to my running. The exercises were not intensive, but was enough to get me toned. I kept with the new routine for about two more months and by December, I was around 175 lbs and I was seeing definition in my chest and belly! It felt great!

Soooo anyways...the point here is this: If you want to become active and workout, start immediately and stick with it. Record exactly what you did and set new goals every week. A month will pass by quickly and you will notice some positive results, which will be exciting!

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7 Responses Feb 15, 2010

(((((((((((ennuye))))))))))) ^_^

Oh yeah. No doubt you will get to the point where you're running 5k all the way. Keep pushing every week and by April or the end of April, you'll be running a 5k! :)

Thank you for your comment and wow! That's pretty impressive! Keep it up and soon you will run a 3k and then 5k.

Thank you tendereyes :)

Oh yeah! That was key to me sticking with it.

thanks pixie! :)

thanx for the inspiration! It is very admirable how you stuck it out!