I Got Up And Decided To Make The Change!

In April of last year (2009) I decided it was time to make a change in my life.  I decided to start working out with a personal trainer.  I was referred to her by one of my friends and at first I was feeling somewhat insecure and wondered if I am strong enough to handle the pressure of having someone look over my shoulder etc.

My new personal trainer was great! She was just wonderful... and so inspiring.  Being a single mom with two kids she worked from home and had some secondhand equipment right in her living room!  So for 4 nights out of every week I would go to her house and she would "torture" me until I felt like I wanted to scream, but it really was all worth it.  She taught me so much!  What I appreciate the most about the experience was how educated I became regarding exercising and the intensity at which I need to work out to have real weightloss.

I started the programme weighing 66.7kg.  By October 2009 I weighed 59.9kg and had lost between 6% and 7% bodyfat!  It was the biggest achievement I've had with weightloss ever!

I am 1.55m long... which means I am rather short.  When us short people pick up weight it shows very quickly!

I am trying to say that with hard work and determination anyone can reach their goals!  It is so important to always have your goal in mind... always remind yourself WHY you are doing what you are doing...if you don't have a clear goal you are wasting your time!

I am still going strong... I am not exercising with the trainer anymore (I can't spend money on a trainer for the rest of my life...).  Today I am trying to keep up with an exercise routine by myself.  It is tricky, but I know I have the power to make a move in the right direction, because I have months of personal trainer guidance to help me!  You won't believe how much power hides in knowledge!


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3 Responses Feb 16, 2010

Your story is inspiring to me, and I am on a quest to lose 40 more lbs. I am working out every day and feeling much better about myself, but do know that as you get older , it becomes much harder to lose the weight. Good Luck on your future endeavors !

Thanx Dan32!

That's fantastic. Keep it going. Sounds like you are making great progress. Keep setting goals with dates. I you don't reach your goal just reset the date and push on.