he wasn't my boy friend and he isn't, but he was kinda a gem for our friendship's circle. now he is in Hospital, now our circle is going to loose him...or ...if he come back to life that we wish so, i will surely go and visit him in Arizona. we all will have a big party and good days ahead. for sure. for sure...:(
Angelarenaldford Angelarenaldford
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 24, 2014

That my dear is what we all want I will go over my self to be at his side. From Scotland lets hope we see that smiling face of his again I cant wait for the day to come.

Well, I have no hopes if he come back; (

Well you have got to think positive. He will make it I pray for him every day and every night he will get well and he will smile again this I know.