I suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder, which I am currently getting treatment for... sorta. I need a new therapist for it, she's not really helping for the anxiety. lol. But she was awesome for the depression... being that she gave me the right meds for it! The rest was the doing of my best friends in Ireland and my own attitude adjustment to problems in life! =p

Anyhoo, I leave the house on average of twice a week... maybe three times, if some event happens. This may seem like a sad state to many, but for me it's an improvement. I use to leave the house only once every two years! And that was only to the hospital, as I would get so sick from the flu or something like that. Now, I take trips to get coffee, stop by the post office, or to go to therapy. Sometimes it's to go shopping with my mother or to visit my sick aunt. But most often, I am home. Either in front of this computer or in front of the PS3. :-)

I would like to get out more, but that's for future events. Right now, I have to take things slowly, or I might overdo it and find myself doing the once-every-two-years thing again! :-o

Because of this, all of my friends are online. Which doesn't really bother me at all. Being that they are my true friends. And when I had offline friend, they weren't true or even nice to me. So, I wouldn't trade my best buddies for anything in this world... maybe coffee. NO! I'm kidding! XD

So, I wouldn't mind being in a relationship with some cool guy, that I can stay indoors with all the time. I just don't like the rush of going everywhere and being in traffic... the crowds and such. It seems like it would be more fun to stay at home, have an wonderful dinner, and watch movies or play video games. :-)

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I stay at home mostly because i don't know anyone here i have not one friend iv'e been here 4 yrs i'm from hurricane Katrina; ST Bernard Parish, Louisiana. i have a 13yr old son when he was little it was easy but now he's too big for playdates i live in a kinda upscale neighborhood the people here are just to there self i have two little chihuahuas to keep me company my husband works long hours i also have two grown children and four grandchildren but they live in different places and i hardly get to see them . i visit New Orleans every so often to see my brother and cousin i have a sister but she lives in Bryan, TX and i haven,t seen her in almost five yrs. but thank goodness for Skype it,s like visiting her i just started using the computer .so i'm making friends on the web

I think you definitely have the right attitude, and it looks like that includes a good sense of humor - don't lose that! And, you're absolutely right about taking it slowly. I've found that doing it in little steps is key. Also, maybe keep a record of your successes. Whenever you suffer a setback, just pull out that success log and read a few entries. It'll be a reminder that you've overcome the anxiety before, and thus you can do it again. Keep at it, and I wish you the best of luck!

Been there, now only large crowded rooms freak me out. I had a child and forced mysef to go out. It just took one step at a time, not overwhelming myself too much.<br />
I was so bad, I would have panic attacks going to the letterbox.<br />
I couldnt have done it without anxiety medication though. <br />
Thinking of you and a big hug to keep you going :)