The Hermit Life

There's me, my mom, my "stepdad", two brothers, a sister and three pets so it gets a little cramped. It's not that I don't like to be around people but I get irritable being around people for too long and I really don't have much to say to the people I live with. We get along okay most of the time but after a while I just don't want to be around them so I just barracade myself in my room and lock the door. No one will bother me unless there's something really important and even then they mostly just slip a note under my door. I even have little treats in my room...granola bars, juiceboxes and snack size butterfingers=)The only downfall is that my labtop is broken so I have to use the computer in the living room and my baby brother thinks there is nothing funnier that pressing the power off button on the hardrive or kicking his beachball at the speakers like he's david beckham or somethin. My family always complains about me being in my room so much. They call it the bat cave b/c I hardly ever have the lights on and they always hear all kinds of weird bangs and scrapes coming from inside.^.^

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

My family says that I hide in my room...It really ticks my off but I know how you feel.

Hang in there. Move away from home....go to college. It will all be better as soon as you can become independent. Getting a job might fit in there somewhere.