Not ****, Not Chatting, Just Reading.

I literally could ( and indeed have) stay up to 6 am on the internet on websites like this one, or forums. I mean right now it is 2 am!
But i think there is three good reasons for doing this:
1. You can read some interesting stuff, and in ways build your understanding of people by reading these even if it's at 7 in the morning
2. I like staying up at night because everyone else is asleep. There is noone to annoy or talk to me. (woah, i am so antisocial XD )
3. It means i wake up later. I don't care who says i am lazy ( believe me, a lot of people do) but, i like getting up at 4 in the evening. Half the day is gone, which for me, is a good thing.
mmelissa mmelissa
18-21, F
Jul 11, 2010