The Monotomy Of Daily Life!

Oh i just luv to stay up way past my bedtime! theres something calming about the night, a kind of relaxation comes to mind, while all around are sleeping im left in peace to enjoy my free time depending on my mood ... maybe i'll play music an dance my way round the living room or just sit down and listen to the lyrics of a few favourite tunes singing along (doesn't matter if im not in tune) i might curl up on the sofa and watch some light hearted tele that brings a smile to my face or tears to my eyes but mostly i find myself on the pc like an addiction chatting to friends, catching up on my emails or sending one to stay in touch an now ive found this place where i can chat randomly to anyone who will listen or just to myself the list is endless!

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4 Responses Feb 18, 2010

As you eloquently composed ,the solitude the late night can bring is that calming effect.

Absolutely and two years on i still love the peace which night-time brings with dreams of laying under a star-lit sky !!

I agree late nights I feel so much more at peace with myself , still & focused

I also love the night ,I am a night owl have been as long as i can remember,I think sleep is over rated,and music is a great compliment to nights calming mood.(grew up in London) miss it sometimes..

I love the evenings because I'm not fond of the days.... too much stress<br />
<br />
And EP has people all over the world, so someone is up and awake at anytime you want to's great