I have been a nite person all my life. Just the feeling that the moon and the stars brings, is enough for me. I am able to think better, and don't get as annoyed as I do during the day. I run about 2 miles every nite, the darkness allows me to

run in my T back running shorts. I tried to run during the day and was honked at and ****** with because of what I was

wearing, or not wearing. People out at nite are very different, and much less judging. It seems like they are in their own little

world, and not as concerned with trivial bullshit that they can't change to begin with.

   I walk in the woods at nite and the animals are all around me. During the day they hide, and stay that way till nite. It seems

they don't want to **** with people anymore than I do.

Just A Thought!



stingme stingme
51-55, M
Feb 19, 2010