Moon, Or Sun? I Think I Pick Moon!

Hello! I am an extreme night person, definitely. It's not that I dislike the day or anything like that, but it's just that....NIGHT is better lol! The sight of the moon and stars is just amazing, it's a great part of God's wonderful creation to be admired. A lot of times, I stay up late just to be alone. I am a very social person and have plenty of friends and family, but even extroverts like myself need their breaks. I usually read or listen to music when I stay up. During the school week, I go to bed around 11. But on the weekends, school breaks and all summer I'm totally spontaneous. The earliest I'll go to bed on weekends is probably around 1 am or so. And THAT'S if I'm exhausted. If I'm feeling good, I'll stay up on average about 3-4 AM. If I'm feeling adventurous, I'll do an all-nighter, which I've done a few times. New Years isn't a problem for me, the one night a year I pull an all nighter for EVERY single year. When I was 10, I stayed up past midnight for my first time, and I guess that's where it started, and I just got later and later. Even when I was a baby, my parents tell me that I NEVER wanted to go to sleep lol! I guess people really don't change. But I'm okay with that :) Night is my hours!

Shopaholikk77 Shopaholikk77
18-21, F
Feb 20, 2010