Every Night

It doesn't even matter if I have to get up early the next morning. Even if I know I'm going to be exhaused the next day and all the things that go along with being exhausted, I can't make myself go to bed at a reasonable hour.

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3 Responses Dec 6, 2007

You should look up "sleep hygiene". Most of us stay up because we do unhygienic (sleep-wise) activities like drinking coffee and watching a movie we really enjoy. No wonder we don't sleep then! I've yet to meet a pathological insomniac.

for me, i cant sleep until i exhaust myself, but when i do finally get to sleep, i can make myself get up, cause i fail to see the point. so it usually a stay up 24 hrs, and then sleep for 12 hrs. kind of deal. its no better.

Oh gosh, me either. Lord help me. I get off @ 9 tonight, and have to be back at work @ 7am... lol... that should go well seeing as how i won't go to sleep until around 1 or 2.