I Stay Up Late

I am always telling myself "i will go to sleep early tonight"
and i always fail.
i can't sleep at night because i think about many things..bad things..
i don't want to go to bed when i am talking with a friend and he needs me.
i am going to bed late because of that.
also because i don't want to sleep just to wake up next day and feel self hatred again.
i play games and read manga so i won't think about anything.
i fall asleep about 2 hours later than i went to bed.
i wake up also late and so heavy i don't want to get up.
i then think that i failed again..and for sure i will go to sleep earlier next time..lol
lovelessbutterfly lovelessbutterfly
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10 Responses Jul 12, 2010

bubblewraps!? ... thats.. erm.. odd! hahaha

i am the same! my mind seems to like to work over time at night!... but at the same time i am mega bored! pttf, whats to do... :/

yeah..it's almost 2 am here too xd<br />
thanks. goodnight.

lol. why? i'll talk to you tomorrow. xd<br />
need to get to sleep already..it's late xd haha

ep friends are important too. don't underestimate them.<br />
you can always talk to me if you want xd

there's "add to the circle" option in the profile..<br />
if you need friends then make them xd

i don't have psp..i only play multipla<x>yer role playing games 3d or 2d on computer.<br />
i currently have 8 different games on my disc xd i get bored of them quicky..<br />
can't focus on playing to hight levels cause leveling is getting boring.<br />
i had playstation earlier and played mario bros or some cars on it.<br />
i toss around too xd i need to have a big bed..i listen to my mp3 pla<x>yer sometimes too.<br />
maybe you should try tha too. some calming music on it.

My problem is i dont want to play games.I have a psp and a nentendo ds that i havent used in like a month.I lost intrest.So i toss and turn till i can fall asleep.What games do you play?I play grand thieft auto on the psp and zelda on the other.

yeah..if not for games and such i would do something to myself..<br />
because of thinking too much. can't shut down my mind either..<br />
and friends are important so it's ok if i go to sleep a bit later..<br />
cause it's hard to fall asleep anyway.

Im like that too.Sometimes the mind doesnt want to shut down.I also dont want to leave a friend if they need to talk to someone.I always go to bed late and wake up late too.I think your doing the right thing,reading or playing games to take your mind off things.