Night Time

No matter how many months I try to go to bed at ten or something like that I end up not falling asleep until about two. Even as a little kid I would get in trouble for not being asleep at midnight or one because I was sent to bed around eight or nine so I would have enough sleep for school the next day. I would always feel terrible and have headaches all the time growing up. I never felt like I slept enough, but thinking back on it it was probably because on average I was getting 4 hours of sleep a day growing up. I would always feel tired. I just got used to the headaches and feeling tired all the time. When I was out of school I ended up not going to bed until about one or two sense that was when I would fall asleep anyway, and I wake up around ten in the morning, and well I feel great I do not have headaches every day and I do not feel sick and tired every day. I thought there was something wrong with me all my life but I think that I was just not getting enough sleep everyday. I like this schedule, nothings really opens in the morning anyway and I still make it out of the house by eleven. So waking up around ten makes the most sense to me.
nekajean nekajean
22-25, F
Jul 29, 2010