Globalization Can't Come Fast Enough

I'm waiting for the world to catch up to my sleep schedule. I am awake, alive at night. I can think, be, read, write and get up at night.
    Then sometimes I think it is up to me to lead the way. It is up to me to show the world that a pizza place can get business at 7 am. Wouldn't there be more jobs if places were open all day and all night?
    For some reason the world thinks night is time for sleeping. I think otherwise, and I think it's time to show them.
KarmaFred KarmaFred
18-21, F
3 Responses May 15, 2007

Not a bad idea working late but you could also just enjoy those hours. I do the same just don't sleep as much. Enjoy!!

you can work customer service for any phone company, software company anything really. work at a place that has to have people there into the late hours. i do and i love it!

Sometimes I think I'd be better suited to a different time zone, but then again, I would probably readjust and still stay up all night. Living in a town that rolls up the streets and shuts down at 2am can be a drag....