Now I started staying  up in night the major reason behind staying  up is i get addicted of internet,   no one from my friends except some  are online but  we don't talk regularly,i guess  they  are busy  with their friends ..i don't have problem with it bcz i know everyone is having their  comfort zone..and i try my best not to disturb  them .
haha I  can't cross the limit of 2:00 am  bcz my mom didn't allow me ...lolz
BinteEshrat BinteEshrat
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

its enough time to use computer or any activities you should go to bed before 1 am ( sleep early and awake early ) its better for health :-)

ur right...:)

mein to 3 baje tk jagti hu bt net use nhi krti songs sunti hu

or me getting addicted of net. mom didn't allow me to sit too late.... thankgod 2 bje tuk ki permission mil hi gyi... ab neend nahi ati... subah deir tuk soti jo hoon