Like Right Now, It's 12:16...

Like right now, it's 12:16. Yesterday I went to sleep at 3. Honestly, I usually have no reason for go to bed late. It seems physically impossible for me to go to sleep earlier than 11 -- I mean, actually get in bed, not the sleeping part (which takes a bit longer).
Am I an insomniac? Not really. Sleep comes easily once I'm in bed. It's just that I have this odd philosophy on sleep: the more I'm conked out on the world, the less I'm doing.
Yes, sometimes I am exhausted when I wake up in the morning. Yes, I often do have dark shadows around my eyes. Who cares? SLEEP IS FOR WIMPS.

...I'm kidding. I love sleeping. Waking up at 11 in the morning is such an awesome way to start my day!
AntOnTheMirror AntOnTheMirror
18-21, F
May 26, 2007