stay up late or too long?

no two days are the same.  there are days that i will fall asleep at 11 pm and wake up at 2 am to stay awake until 9 am and then to sleep again for another 3-4 hour session.

there are days i will not sleep at all.  generally i have a three day maximum.  there are days that i will sleep away entirely.  i have a 48 hour maximum on that now - it used to be 5 days.

(i have RSD which causes severe sleep disturbances.)

sleeping through the entire night is a true blessing.  these delightful and refreshing experiences are few and far between, however - maybe twice a month...

despite what i'd like, how diligently i work at it, and the medication that 'should' knock me OUT i have come to a, for the most part, consistent sleep pattern.  although the times on the clock differ each day, i generally sleep two seperate 3 to 5 hour sessions with 12 hours of wake time in between.

AbbyNormal AbbyNormal
31-35, F
May 26, 2007