Up late, Up early. Up 24/7 sometimes. Cant sleep. Dont want to. Especially at night it seems. Was a bartender for 7 1/2 years and think that closing the bars for so long have truely affected the way I live life.

Yeah, I bottom out every once in a while and crash, but even clean I have a hard time with closing my eyes. Its to quiet at night to sleep.

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3 Responses Jun 5, 2007

Just a thought: one day i had to wait at the railway yard for about 5 hours. The temperature was just right and i fell asleep in my car. Fluke? O.K. so i tried it again, and lo and behold i slept like a baby! Shortly after that a condo went up and i wanted it bad; i can't say it is the safest place to breathe but unfortunately (fortunately?) i could not have it. Just knowing there is a place on this planet that i can go is better than a kick in the but. Working bar all of my life seems to be my problem. Desperate times/desperate measures?

or if you don't want your dreams influenced, try tuning your radio between stations. The static or "white noise" has been proven to help you sleep.

try falling asleep with the tv or radio on. I can't go to sleep either if if completly quiet. I have to have the radio on or the TV. Of course the result is sometimes having a crazy dream depending on what's on tv when I do fall asleep.