College Has Made Me Nocturnal.

I've always been a night owl but I just finished my first year of college and it's official: I'd rather be nocturnal.  My psych professor says that everyone's addicted to something (caffeine, work, tv, etc). I think I'm addicted to staying up late.
Thank goodness I'm going to be a nurse and I can take the overnight shift - works for me! :D
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5 Responses Jul 13, 2007

have to say yes to this one as well, used to go running teatime and onwards doing road work, as times go on, i like driving at night, also walking with a local ghost group! in uk

i used to stay up late studying, i'v finished studys but couldnt sleep early, so like desieyz i have something enticing about keeps me up

There's just something enticing about the night that keeps me from wanting to sleep

Somewhere I read that if you are born at night you will be a night person - I was born at 6:33 pm and have been a night person all my life. My kids were born at night also and they like the night time. So, if you are born in the morning - you'll like getting up early. I don't come alive until about 3 pm.

yay! works me for too! heheheh...i recently saw a story on tv about mistakes made during surgery cos doctors were too tired at midnight or something. your patients will be in good hands then, eh?