My Fault

i usually end up have a Mt. Dew at the weirdest time, for instance the other night, opened up a liter bottle of Dew at tenish at night, lasted me till 12:30am... couldn't sleep till 4am...

my fault... but i dun mind all the time..

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12 Responses Aug 11, 2007

Lol, I had a Mountain Dew phase, but I don't think it ever kept me up! Chocolate does though... and how can one avoid chocolate?

there's nothin better than sleepin at 10pm and wakin at 6am i tried it once and it really works with my pleasure and activity.<br />
but nowadays unfortunately i used to stay up so damn late , till dawn mostly.

Water always made me get up in the night. To be safe, we should stop eating and drinking. Everything seems to cause something!

i used to be able to stay up late.<br />
then i got old.

Mt Dew= diabetes, too much caffiene, brittle bones from carbonation, liquid insulin.The stuff was a bad recipe.

Yeah but watch out for bottled water cus of the chemicals they use to create the bottles with.<br />
<br />
Also watch out for tap water because it's full of chlorine and drinking too of that isn't good for you. :P Eww to chemicals.

Crazy girl! water is better for you and won't keep you up all night. No dyes or chemicals either. Remember what Ben said, "Everything in moderation"

Yeah I gave up soda cus of stomach problems. I lost a buncha weight. I went from 120 to 105. Just by not drinking soda anymore.

i gave up all soda so i get plenty more of sleep. i didn't kno that jus giving up all my soda could make me lose 30 pounds too , i love it

Sounds like you gotta stay away from sugar. Too much sugar is bad, watch your sugar content and intake.

i wish i could have a drink that does that<br />
for some reason im just up now<br />
haha no drink did it for me

ive been known to do the same with coffee, or better yet, iced coffee. i just get the craving for it, and im up until the crack of dawn!