In The Nighttime We Are Found.

i could stay up all night and work work work.

i love being asleep in the afternoon around 4... especially in the summer when it's nice and hot out and a good nap is all you want. i get up around 7 or 8 and stay up until 3 or 4... if i don't have to work 5 or 6.

i love the nightime because i feel like i'm the only one in the world and there's no one to disrupt my flow. i love the secrecy of the night. i love darkness.

i've had insomnia since being a teenager. i was diagnosed with "clinical depression" and would often come home from school and hide in bed, eventually falling asleep. then i'd be up all night. i've broken this cycle multiple times, but my days don't feel as satisfying if i'm not on "my time" owl-eyed all night producing marvelous things.

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