Effed By Daylight Savings?

I'm still up and it's now considered 830a, (so 730 for me.)  Not tryin to brag... Jkjk.  But no, like, it used to be 2-3 (if nothing was going on) that I would consider 'being up late.'  That I would consider okay.  Somehow recently it's been like 5 or later, I think... What up with that? 

Yeah, movin the clocks ahead an hour doesn't help.  Waking up before 10 (which would be desirable) is now even less likely.  That's like asking me to wake up before 9, now!  So, 8 something...  Eew.

Currently, I'm an around 1-2 pm person, I think.  (Yeah, waking up around then doesn't exactly help me sleep earlier...)

I tend to feel physically sick waking up around then (before 9a), used to actually get sick a little sometimes. 

High school was different.  I had to wake up earlier than that.  I was always nauseous, but it became the norm and so wasn't as bad.

I always migrate to late nights and late mornings...  IDK why.  It doesn't help that I get a burst of energy/excitement as soon as it's dark out.  I wish I could rewire myself and move everything at least 3-4 hours earlier.  And make that what I always tend toward. 

DeepestSecret DeepestSecret
22-25, F
Mar 14, 2010