It Helps Me Unwind From A Busy Day

i live in the uk.
I usually start my day quite early - 06:30 - 06:45
And I trundle through the day, doing all my daily "things" ( you can read all about that in some of my other posts, blogs, etc.)

Then I usually get home from work at about 23:00 (uk time)

Then I look at my Ep account.
And have a quick shower.
Afterwards I brew a hot fresh coffee, roll a small joint, and sit near the back door smoking and drinking and replying to my Ep mail, and friends. ( I'm not allowed to smoke at all in the house, but I have a small outhouse area where I'm allowed to smoke- hey, her rules, not mine!!)

And I sit there for maybe a couple of hours- sometimes till nearly 02:00

I roll another j
I brew another coffee

And I stay up very late- just to help me unwind from the long, and sometimes, very tortures day.
After I've said my hellos on Ep- it's time for bed.

Then roll on tomorrow morning at 06:30ish to do it all again. !!

Mark. Xx
expressomarkie expressomarkie
Dec 4, 2012