It's Getting Worse!

Since i lost my job about a month ago, this staying up late thing is getting worse.  don't get me wrong, i stayed up late before...but i would sometimes have to go to bed earlier than normal to be able to get some sleep before work.  but NOW...i can stay up till whenever b/c i don't have to get up.  so i've fallen into a routine i think....go to bed about 1 or 2am or 3am...sometimes later...and get up around 10am. 

It's not like i stay up doing anything important either.  Usually just on the internet browsing around (stuff i can do ANY time of the day, sometimes i'll stay up and watch a movie (that i can watch ANY time), or i'll be on the phone (that's important tho!).  I COULD go to bed earlier and try getting up a little earlier, but...why would i want to do that? lol  i have things to do :D

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7 Responses May 12, 2008

oh this story was 2 years ago...i did find a job...and ironically, i am without one now as well lol hopefully that will be changing soon :) i agree....if there's no reason, then why does it matter when i get up or go to bed? lol

First of all - sorry you lost your job!!! But I'm a chronic night owl too - sometimes staying up until early morning - doing absolutely nothing productive. When there's really no reason to go to bed or get up early, what the heck?

i am going a bit stir crazy just sitting around the house w/no job n all...perhaps i DO need to hit the library! :)

right now i'm just worried that by falling into this routine, then when i DO have to get up at 7 or 8am for a job, it'll be twice as hard as it used to be! lol i know i'll get used to it (if that happens) but not going to worry about it till it does! :D lol who knows? maybe i'll find a job that lets me sleep in :)

i am hereby furthering my point b/c it's 1:45am...and here i am...doing something that could've waited till tomorrow lol was playing a game i downloaded earlier...that i could've played tomorrow. oy vey! i think i need to go to bed! :D

those days i get up early are only productive if i've had enough rest. if not, then the whole day is ruined lol i'm not a morning person either...but sometimes it's nice to have the WHOLE day to do stuff...but like i said, ONLY if i get enough rest. i don't get enough rest when you're here lol

What do you have to do? I'm not there ;)<br />
I use to stay up really late til like 4am everyday when I used to work the late shift 3-11pm for like ten years, looking back I really hated staying up so late just doing nothing. I use to sit online, watch tv, usually comedy central or something, not much of anything really I guess. I'm not a morning person at all, but I feel much better getting up at 7 or 8, it feels like I have a whole day ahead of me. Try it, I know it's hard, but you will feel great in about a week or so :)