Im Doing It Riiiiite Now

I just had to search this in the little search box thingy hahaha... I share the same fate as all of you doomed to roam my hallways eternally until sunrise. I do really nothing all night... see even now I'm just online being crazy. I really get angry when I sit in bed for like hours and can't go to sleep then realize that I have wasted my time, I mean I wouldn't have been doing anything productive but still I could've been burning cupcakes or typing about staying up late lol.

But on a serious note I think I stay up so late (all night) because I have a fear of going to sleep. I recently discovered I have a rare form of epilepsy that causes sleep paralysis. It's like I sleep and when I try to wake up I just can't and then I'm laying there unable to move and then you can't breath... basically every time I try to wake up I feel like I'm on the verge of dieing it's really freaky.

P.S. I feel like it makes me like a mutant or something from like X-men I'm sure it'd be like the power everyone envied in the show lol
SinsofGrEEd SinsofGrEEd
18-21, M
May 2, 2012