Up Late

I stay up late watching shows I have watched already. Like now, i've been up so long I have seen this episode repeat twice already. Now I am about to either crochet or read which means I have no plans of sleeping. I think for me, late nights are my on hrs so to speak and at this time everyone in my home is asleep. oddly this is when I want to talk the most.
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

I do too. Even when I'm totally exhausted. But it's the only time I can have some space, some peace and quiet, when I'm not totally sacked by my family and bombarded with noise. Except for now, when the damn dog (that I did NOT want and pleaded not to get) is barking her damn fool head off and I just want to scream and/or run away from home. I have major depression. And most of the time my partner is just an insensitive ******* who can't be bothered with anyone else's needs. So I totally get the up all night thing- even if it's just staring blankly at the Tv. Or a wall.