A few nights, I have gotten lost on EP, forgetting the time and was logged on WAY past my bedtime! This is not good, because that means I wake up an hour late. And then I have to scramble to catch up with work, all day, leaving me to be two hours late to EP! :-(

Yeah... I have to be more aware of the time. And with the daylight savings time, it makes things more confusing. I haven't settled in to the time change yet. My bed time is usually 11pm, but since it's DST, it feels like it's 10pm... no matter what the clock says, my body is screaming that I'm going to sleep an hour early! :-o

This is how I forget the time on EP... because my internal clock is telling me that I have an whole hour left to be on here... but it's not true. It's bed time! Stupid DST! :-(

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1 Response Mar 26, 2009

Great story Shadow. I am guilty of staying up way too late!!!