Casa La Paz

When I was relocating from FL back to NJ, my wife who was my fiance' at the time came to help me pack up, and drive my vehicle north. We were trying to stay ahead of the hurricane that was heading our way.  Since the company I was transferring to was paying for the relocation, and only required 400 mi/day, we decided to spend three nights on the road.  We drove to St Augustine and spent the night at Casa la Paz which on one of the side streets across from the Fort.
Rumor has it that a woman that stayed there had said goodbye to her loving husband as he headed out to sea one day.  He never returned and she ended up dying of a broken heart.  She is said to haunt the bed and breakfast.
Guests are encouraged to record any evidence of spirits present in the journals that rest on the night stand along side the bed.  My wife and I read some of the stories.  She became more and more unsettled as we read through the journal.  When we were done, my wife was thirsty and wanted to go downstairs for a drink.  Unfortunately, she was too scared to go alone.  So we walked together, but didn't get to bump into any ghosts.
Casa la Paz is a cute little bed and breakfast.  I recommend it if you're ever traveling through St Augustine and looking for a place to stay.
JAGandVSfan JAGandVSfan
51-55, M
Dec 12, 2012