Just A Few Nights Ago To Today

i been awake 20 out of 24 hours the past 3 days because of it being a weekend, and im a young adult so im going out staying up till sunrise. Now on any normal work week some of you might say ya sooo, but when its over the weekend going to bars partys, little gatherings, you get loud you laugh so hard and talk so loud you might think your super man too, lol... Well im exhausted in the head, i have physical energy but last night i mentally drained myself to empty, I was running on fumes. Im not trying to say its a weekend so you should try to do this cuz this is not a life style for someone to live everyday, im thinking about going to the store to get nyquil right now, my blood pressure feels slightly up and congested in my face. IF YOU SAT HERE AND READ THIS THANKS! IM SURE AT SOME POINT YOU CAN ALL RELATE TO WHAT I SAID. IM OPEN TO MEETING PEOPLE TO CONTINUE FURTHER CONVERSATION ABOUT THIS TOPIC OR OTHER ISSUES, Y NOT< IF I DONT LIKE YOU ILL BLOCK YOU.
Aaronnnn Aaronnnn
22-25, M
Oct 9, 2011