My Friend Drinks My Breast Milk.

I know this sounds like a strange story but its true. I'm 19 years old and ever since I've been 15 ive wanted to be pregnant. My older sister has had two babies in her marriage and she is happy. I thought that I want that too....but im not very popular like she was and still is. I'll probably never meet a guy that I'd want to marry or who would want to marry me. Too much pressure. So one day when I was just. 18 the desire to have a baby got too strong so e several times I had several guy friends give me their ***** in cups ....I think about 10 and I quickly mixed them all together and using several homemade devices i squirted the ***** inside me. I got really excited each I was reaally doing something for myself and not depending upon anyone else.

It took 3 times doing that before I got pregnant.

I told my step mom who I lived with mom and dad aren't alive.
... That a boyfriend is the father. Really I've had maybe 6 boyfriends and not since 16. Anyway my step mom didn't care ...she just said hVe the baby then give it up for adaption.

I gained 30 extra pounds during my pregnancy that I haven't lost afterwards. A total of 60 while pregnant. I and only 5'3" tall. I felt so good being pregnant...I felt needed and also I ate like a pig!

Long story here....but so mainly I want to say that I loved breast feeding and my breast were already big before but then got huge with milk. Once my baby went away to an adopting couple I suffered a huge loss. I started to just sit at home and eat even more. After one week my step mom threw me out of the house. I stayed with a neighbor and friend. She lives with 2 college age girl friends and her brother. One thing I didn't want to loose is breast feeding.g since I felt that is all I have. Another friend is having her 3 year old feed from my breasts. Also I hope this doesn't aound wierd but my room mates 22 year old brother sucks my breasts 2 to 3 times a day. With all that I hardly have to pump and since it seems the demand is greater that my milk my breast have gotten considerably bigger. I have gained another 20 pounds but probably mostly fat from sitting and eating.

Ok so I feel like a big breast feeding whale....with several grown people and children feeding from me...separate times of course.

They want to continue and it would be hard to get them all to stop anyway....and most the time Like it.
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This is ok to me, I mean my hus always drinks my milk.

Whenever I feed my baby,he also drink from my other boob.

It turns me on actually and making sure arathi is asleep, we end up in hardcore sex..

I wish I cud breastfeed from u ;)

I wish you could breast feed me too.

girl you can make money out of renting your can be a handy and a great way to take time with not letting your milk go dry.

You know, many of the rich today still use "wet-nurses" for their babies....good income!!!