********** In Sister's Panty.

Whenever I had an oppertunity to visit any family I first look for bath room and find the panties or bras of its members.Usually ladies has a habbit of keeping their inner garments in bath room either for cleaning or drying.I must smelt and licked sometimes if the fragrance is exciting.
At home I do this with my sis panty at night after seeing her carelessly exposed boobs and bulging hips which is due to loose band/rope of her salwar. She had removed stiches of her salwar near crotch region prbobaly to finger herself.This I had seen when she spread out her salwar in sun for drying.The red blood strain are spread all along that ruptured area. I had removed the inner layer of sew/stiches of panty from that portion which is used for stayfree like pads during her periods (begins approx on 25 of each month) so as to just fits my **** tightly in it.
I ********** in that and left it for drying until it is again used by her in the morning after she takes bath. Her wetness must sock the water to make my dried seman wet and alive...
This feeling is amazing...!!!!!!
thisisi thisisi
22-25, M
Aug 9, 2011