I Am a Panty Thief

I am a panty thief. I have been stealing from the age of 13 and today am 37. In all I must have stolen atleast 135 women panties.

I love used panties - either just used or washed. I don't steal new ones. It doesn't contain the musk fragrance of the woman's *****. The first panty was my mother's, then my sister's & so on. I love to massage using it. I love the musk fragrance which emanates from the ***** & gets settled on the panty.

I have stolen unwashed panties around 15 numbers. It's the best. I wear only panties everyday. Sometimes when i don't get panties I steal Sarees, Petticoats, Slips.



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5 Responses Oct 30, 2008

you get some interesting styles - but not too often can you find sexy undies on the line - but the thought of wearing someone elses is worth the "danger" of gtting caught.

well done love used panties too x

when me and my sister where in our esrly teens i would whar hers she would watsh crss her ligs and squized them up my her *****. and watch me ********** it was so hot.

Panties, panties, panties.... I have been intoxicated by them my whole life. Started stealing at 13.... now I have almost 2000, hundreds dirty... I try to get at least ten a month, never new ones, only used, and scented by a female is the best.

Arrrgh! A true panty pirate! Great story!