I am not a bookworm.
In fact, I hate reading.
How should I say this?
I collect books, not for the sake of reading. I just merely like collecting them and bragging about owning them.
Yeah, book poser I suppose.

I read casually, occasionally, rather.
There are just certain books I'd be interested in reading.
The library always seems to have interesting books, most of them holding famous titles and beloved classics.
I instantly get my clepto skills intact and start robbing the library.

I've never been caught.

And after stealing them, I just put it in my bookshelf filled with other books I have stolen and bought form various places. They just end up being displayed.

I actually just end up stacking them and not read it at all.
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1 Response Aug 20, 2014

they uave a lot in the libraries. dont be afraid