Eureka! Found!

Elvis!  Alive and well and a greeter at Wallmart.  Out of respect for the great man's privacy, I won't disclose  in which state this photo was taken.   The man obviously wishes to remain anonymous. I respect that. The same as I respect his good buddy, Andy Kaufmann, who mans the soft serve counter at the Dairy Queen down the road. 

(This photo was pilfered from the I Randomly Comment Group.  I am sorry.  The world has a right to know.)


LilAnnie LilAnnie
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6 Responses Jul 29, 2008

Elvis presley, woo!

I must know which walmart.

You can believe your eyes! I'm told that photo was taken in April '07.

I'm sure the Walmart vest looks great with the blue suede shoes.

He does appear to be getting around more now. That's our Elvis....foot loose and fancy free!

sorry elvis works down our chip shop