Not On Purpose Though

I just kind of put a pen in my hair or a marker in my pocket so I'll have easy access when I need it and not have to stop at my desk...I also have left the building with a stapler or a set of clippers (floral pruners, I guess) in my back pocket.  (By the way, I work at a wholesale florist, not really an office-y place)

& I usually return the stuff, except pens and markers cause really how much do they cost?  Especially the cheapo ones the office supply orderer at my work buys- she thinks 2 cents per pen is too much to spend on my department!!!  Off brand post-its and not quite Sharpies abound... She also won't order ink for my printer unless I tell her 2-4 weeks BEFORE I run out (like I should know exactly when the ink is going to be gone- am I psychic or what?)

mandarose524 mandarose524
26-30, F
Feb 11, 2008