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One of the few benefits of working in a large corporation is ready access to various supplies.  For many years I never paid for a notepad or a pen.  When I was working on my first book, unlimited access to the copier came in handy.  Even small things like tape and binder clips, though cheap, are not free - and there's something satisfying about walking off with them whenever you feel like it.  Of course we rationalized this behavior, because we were poorly paid and relentlessly abused - however, there is a good old-fashioned word for what we did - theft.
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Persistence rewards talent.

I hope I can find the right doors, or bare with this for as long as possible. However, I wouldn't complain if I had a few extra days off available- or maybe I would.

It wasn't my intention to single you out. But there are remedies. So much of this depends on attitude - even a dull job can be improved with a good attitude. What bothers me is the idea of victim-hood, which then leads to entitlement because one feels exploited. (I have indulged in this myself!). Certain people weep and moan and complain about their jobs - and the bosses who "oppress" them - but I if you try suggesting one option that could help them improve their lot they swat it away like a fly. These people want to wallow in their negativity and elicit sympathy all at once - very duplicitous. Fact it, one works to make money to live according to the fashion one desires. If you are resolute, you can find a way to get paid for doing something you enjoy. But this necessitates learning what you enjoy, and knocking on a lot of doors.

Problem is, I like society, and to be a part of society, I have to accept my time will be taken by pursuits I do not want to pursue. I need money; hence I accept this job that makes me unhappy. But you're right; I could have abandoned the life I am in and gone to live at home with my family, so I am the only one who is responsible. Believe me Ellegarto, I am looking for work even as I reply to this. Anything that is more satisfying then this, so hopefully soon; I will be lying no more and will have a job I enjoy, or can at least stand.

You're lying to yourself - and to me. Your time is not stolen. You accepted the job for the salary that was offered. If you don't like your job, quit.

wallabyedward articulated how I feel, bloody time stealers...I guess that’s the price I pay to take part in capitalism. I went a boarding school where I always used and took whatever I could, seeing as they provided it all free. I still have sketch-pads and photographic paper, all my flash $12 pens and piles of black CD's. That was a good time. I would not hesitate to do the same here, I've already printed 730 pages of manuscript on office printers, and I use the office internet to keep myself sane as my time is stolen.

Certainly hearing anger here. You're right of course about how most fortunes are made. However, I subscribe to the philosophy that you should never wrestle with a pig. In other words, just because they're swine doesn't mean I cherish the idea of being one myself.

Large companies actually factor it into their annual budgets, because they know it's going to happen. I believe it's referred to as "Employee Pilferage."

That's precisely my point. We all do it, and we all rationalize it by thinking of it as a "self-administered perk." (I'm self-employed so I really don't think about getting called on it.) I'm very simple-minded and I believe in intellectual honesty - and a rose by any other name is stealing - end of report.