I've taken 2 friends, 1 cousin and 2 of my girl friends sisters brothers used underwear, I don't know why, especially when used it is just more erotic and nice than your own normal underwear haha
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So you stole five pair of underwear, why and what did you do with them? And did they ever find out?

Well what makes u thinks it's someone u know? And I see so you stile them just for the memory of them that's fine.

Unrelated topic are u gay str8 or bi!

That's not what I meant, you said somewhat someone posted something online and u think someone did know. So what make u figure that?

I though you where I saw it but the story confused me.

Oh I see well if it is it doesn't seem like he was bothered to much.

And that's cool do u or have u ever had a bf?

Oh that sucks guess he wasn't okay with it, or maybe a little embarrassed either way sucks you two stopped talking.

Your not alone I've never been with anyone either.

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I first started taking my friends underwear to hide my dirty secret but it soon became more when I accidently put one of my friends on while we got dressed early one morning during a sleepover. I could tell he was concerned about something while we got ready but he refused to tell me and didn’t know why until I went to the toilet after we left their house. Not only was I wearing the wrong underwear they were absolutely filthy. Seeing them in that condition and knowing I had been wearing them felt amazing so I decided to keep wearing them the rest of the day. When I finished in the toilet and got back in the car and looked at my friend the look on his face was sheer horror.

Wow, did he notice his underwear had gone missing? was he angry about it or did he like it?

My friend made an excuse that the underwear I had accidently put on belonged to his brother, which I pretended to buy but he wasn't even old enough to go to school so we both knew that wasn't possible.

how filthy were they?