Stealing Panties From Neighbors Daughter

Since we met our neighbors they have had us hold onto a spare door key just in case they loose theirs or something. They have a daughter that is 12yo and she has the nicest panties. This summer I was home alone and noticed my neighbors were outa town too so I decided to go over and "check on the house for them" I went str8 to their daughters room and laundry room to find some of her clothes. I found a couple hottt training bras and some nice yellow panties with poka dots on them. I have been spending much time with these clothes.
jerryberry123 jerryberry123
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5 Responses Oct 29, 2011

I have just go my neighbours panties

I find it really awesome when the panties I stole are a couple of sizes to small

yes little girls panties are so hot...

Can you post photos of your finds?

awesome..nothing like it!!