Open House Bikinis

I like going to Real Estate open houses. 1st I like houses, 2nd I like seeing how people live, & 3rd I love poking through drawers & closets in hopes of taking home a pair of panties or other intimate items.

I went to a few open houses today. There was one that looked like a 30 something couple lived there. I wandered through the house slowly. I looked at all the furniture and household belongings. As one couple was speaking with the agent, I quickly slipped into the master bedroom.

What I assumed was the pantie drawer was in view from the living room, so I decided not to open it. Instead, I slipped into the closet. There was lots of women's professional clothes. I ran my hand across the fabric of some dresses and stuck my hand in my pants cupping my bulge.

I Tupperware bin on the shelf caught my eye. I could still hear the agent and couple talking in the living room. I pulled the bin down and opened it. Inside was several two-piece bikini swim suits. I heard foot steps, so I quickly stuff two bikini sets in my cargo pocket and put the bin back. Slipping out of the closet unnoticed.

I left, got home and tried on my new bikinis. They were both made in France & size 32. One was teal, the other black. I uploaded some photos on me in the teal one.
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

I have done this too. I went to a couple of open houses. It's so easy... and exciting. I have got some used panties belonging to moms and young daughters too :)

That sounds hot.

That would be too scary for me. I'd be afraid that there'd be a nanny cam, and they'd get my license plate from surveillance cams or something, and then they could charge me with petty theft. I sure don't want a police record.
But I bet it's one heck of a rush!

It is a rush and I've never been caught. Fingers crossed.