I Still (steal) Borrow Panties

I have been stealing panties for more than 30 years.
First form my cousins and aunts, later from girlfriends and siters from my friends.
Later i sneak in to back yards to empty clotheslines, and sneak in to (lady)dressingrooms searching for underware in (sports)bags, i took bra's, swimsuits, body's also.
I have collected more than 1000 pices in this period.
When i visited friends or family, and i get the chance, i always look for the landry basket, or to try to peek in the showerroom and look for worn Woman underware. Its a treat when i find a pice of intimate women / girl smelling clothing.
Last i was visiting my verry lovely neighbor and had to go to the badroom.
The badroom is near the showeringroom upstairs, so i climbed up the stairs en saw that te door of the showerroom was not closed. I pused the door open and saw a black thong on the floor. I quickly picked this up en put it in my pocket, then i saw more thongs in the landrybin, i snatcht quickly 3 pices en took them to the toilet. They ware perfect stained en smelled delicious. I wraped one around my hard ****, it was become pruning hard of the smell previously, took the other one, green seethrough, with the crotch in my mouth so i could suck on it en the last one(a super small white G-string) i held under my nose. My **** expoded in to the thong in seconds, and my knees became wavering, smelling and tasting my neighbors **** took me for the umpteenth time in a wonderful daze.

I just spent some time to recover.
Than i quickly cleaned the mess en brought the thongs back to the wasbin, and went downstairs.
My neighbor smiled at me and i thought: "if you only knew what i've just been doing ..........."
I took my seat again but was the thinking the hole time about the thong in my pocket and what i was going to do with it wen i went to my home ..........

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2 Responses Jan 6, 2010

GREAT story !!! Especially the feeling of going back, talk with the girl while thinking of what you have just stole from her !!!
Got some collection too, add me and maybe we could share pic & stories ?

I have stole some over the years by pure chance but want to steal more I'm fairly new to it any tips?