Is It Really Stealing?

With the price of hotels, is the cost of these toiletries not included in the room rate?  I always take the soap, conditioner, lotion, and shampoo away when I leave the hotel.  If I am staying multiple nights I always remove the toiletries each day as I don't like items on the counter tops.  I usually end up with 4 to 5 of each item.  I save these items and then donate them to different abused women and children's shelters.  They love the trial size (one time use items) as it allows them to put these in crisis packs for the women and children that come into the shelters in the middle of the night. When I was traveling for work I used to get tons of these things, but I guess this is one thing that i will miss doing.

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Angel, and someone is benefiting.

I don't think its stealing they just throw it away anyways

That stuff is yours. You paid for's considered in the room cost too. I took my shampoo and was terrible and my adventurous side said, " AWE ". Keep the little bottles and fill them with your good shampoo, when you travel. It's a great idea to give these sample bottles to women's organizations !

LOL Al! I had never thought about that but you are right. They do always seem to be especially clean looking. After I wrote this story I was looking through some of my drawers and realized I still had the herbal soap from the Holiday Inn. I decided to open it because it does, at least, smell good. I am sitting here sniffing it as I type.

I don't think its stealing ... if they thought it was believe me they would charge your credit card!!!

I steal everything including the Trick stuff in the room, like the contents of his safe, his wallet, etc... Hell I even stole a blowdryer that was really nice, oh and how can I forget the wet bar, I take all the liquor my purse can carry.

Thanks 3L and I had never thought of it that way but I like the thought.

hotel robin hood! many kudos to your cause! you're a pioneer not a thief!!!!!

I hope so or I have been a thief many many times.

I figure they don't want to risk reusing some of them for new people.

hey ts not really stealing. they expect you to take them. they put new ones in for the next people