Oh Soooooooo Close! (part 2)

Hi everyone,

So this is a continuation from one of my original posts (Oh Soooooooo Close!).

Since the time I wrote the original story, I ended up getting back with my girl. This meant me and my neighbor stopped hanging out, period. I was back in my relationship for about 3 months and now, I'm single and ready to get down to business.

Personality wise, we don't mesh, but we make great friends. Friends carpool. Friends drive each other's cars to work. So this is what I'm fantasizing...

We started carpooling and her stop is before mine. One time, we took her car, dropped her off and I drove it into my work. Unfortunately, I noticed she took off the apt keys from the keychain. I'm thinking the next time we carpool and we take her car, AND she leaves her keys in tact, I'll take a quick break from work and copy her key.

Again, I CAN'T believe I'm actually divulging this fantasy... maybe I'm looking for someone who can understand me. I do NOT have any malicious intent, but rather, a dying curiosity.

We're carpooling this week. I'll keep you guys posted.
clinaction clinaction
Jul 24, 2010