Daughter In Laws Panties

My son and his then girlfriend (now wife) lived at our house for a summer in between college semesters. They have their own bathroom and the laundry chute upstairs ends up downstairs in the laundry room.One day as I was sitting on the couch, she announced that she was going up to take a shower. While I was relaxing I heard the closet door open and some laundry come down the chute. The shower started up and I went into the chute and found her panties. They smelled so good that I had to put them on right then. When she came back downstairs she plopped herself on the couch right next to me. All I could think of was how good her panties smelled and the fact that I was wearing her panties when she sat near me. Awesome feeling. I have stolen several of her pairs that summer and when she went back to college I slipped some of them back into her luggage.Some of them I still have today and wear daily.
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you and me have a lot in common

I don't wear them but there is nothing better then smelling wet warm smelly panties and wanking