Stealing Teachers Pantyhose

This is a srory about a great looking teacher I had in highshool that would wear nice skirts with pantyhose.

When I was in grade 10 to12 in a small town highschool, there was a teacher that teached Math and Computer typing skills
( I was never lucky enough to be in any of her classes to look at her legs like I wanted to when she was wearing a skirt with pantyhose. )

Every day there was a time I had a spare during the school day where I did not have class. I would take the time and look through the door window of her class to see if she was wearing pantyhose. If she was weaing pantyhose I would usually go to the bathroom and think about her for a few minutes.

I forgot to mention that she was on the second floor of my school as was my locker. So when there were days she was wearing pantyhose, I would stand by my locker watching to see if she would go down stairs. If she did I would watch for her coming back up the stairs. When she did I would "have to" go down the stairs. So when she was near the top of the stairs and I was near the bottom I would look up her skirts every single time. I was then able to see the color of panties she was wearing under her skirts, usually white which I loved to see.

For 3 years I did this and never got tired of looking at her legs in pantyhose and looking up her skirts. If she did notice me doing this she never did say anything to me.

One time around Christmas in the middle of winter I knew her and her husband were not home. As they were away. I had a plastic bag in my car from shopping. I decided to steal her pantyhose from her.
I pulled to the side of the road and walked a block to her place, as I did not want people to see a car in her drive way.
I walked to her side door at her house and it was unlocked ( l love small towns for that, she may have locked her door after I was there )
Looking around, I found the master bedroom and swtiched on a small light. I started opening drawers looking for her pantyhose. My heart was pounding.
For what seemed like forever I found the drawer full of pantyhose. I grabbed all of the pantyhose she owned and stuffed them into a plastic bag and quickly got out of her house.

I went home after that and dumped the plastic bag full of pantyhose and started going through them and smelling them :)
When ever I saw her during the days after that I would usually grab a pair of pantyhose and pleasure myself thinking of her.

Where I kept the pantyhose was under my bed in the plastic bag, along with the other bag of pantyhose from the highschool girl and her sisters that I stole from. Which was told in the previous story that I have written.

I have many more stories of stealing pantyhose while i lived in that small town :)
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yes i love the the feeling of taken panties it is so you just cant wait till you get home to see just what you have taken and smell them put them on and have fun with them


That pounding feeling...know all about it...all part of the excitement...

I'd respond to your message and add you as a friend but EP won't let me. :-(

I love that pounding feeling. I would have taken her panties too or some lingerie.